About Us

Radio personality and community activist Bob Law, together with his wife, Muntu have operated Namaskar, Bob Law's Health and Wellness Shop in Brooklyn's Prospect Heights neighborhood for more than 25 years. Now a Brooklyn institution, Namaskar, named for the Hindu greeting which means The divinity in me acknowledges the divinity in you has evolved as Muntu's commitment to holistic health and wellness has grown. What started as a skin care and beauty supply store is now a full service health and wellness shop offering a wide range of natural products that includes products that are only available at Namaskar, like Muntu's own Apple Cider Vinegar drink as well as Muntu's Unique Green Drink. From teas to tonics, from cleansers to nutrients, Namaskar Bob Law's Health and Wellness Shop ca be very helpful at improving and enriching your health. 

At Namaskar you can find the resources you need to look and feel better from the inside out. Please explore our web site, shop online, and if you are in New York, visit the store and check out the free samples on the weekends. We will be looking for you.