Health Benefits of Music

12 Science-backed health benefits of music

  • 1. Ease pain, Music can meaningfully reduce the perceived intensity of pain. 2.Motivate people to bike harder. 3.Improve running motivation & performance. Listening to music may help people run faster and boost their workout motivation. 4. Increase workout endurance. 5.Speed up post-workout recovery. One study found that listening to music after a workout can help the body recover faster. 6.Improve sleep quality. 7.Help people eat less. Playing soft music during a meal can induce people to slow down while eating and ultimately consume less food. 8.Enhance blood vessel functions, 9.Reduce stress. Music can reduce stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers. 10.Induce a meditative state. Some research suggest that using slow music to alter brainwave speed can have a therapeutic effect, easing symptoms of migraines, PMS, and even behavioral issues. 11.Relieve symptoms of depression. 12.Ease recovery in stroke patients. Researchers in Finland concluded when patients listened to music for two hours a day their verbal memory and attention improved more so than those who didn't listen to music.
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