Eat, Drink and be Healthy!

Enjoy the holiday season, but with all the holiday feasting, it will be important to protect and maintain a healthy digestive system. While you are eating, try to avoid mixing too many different types of food and drink at the same time, especially foods that you don't ordinarily eat. Also drink lots of water, your digestive system will thank you. In order to prevent Auto-intoxication (Self Poisoning) we must be careful to detoxify the body, especially the digestive system.

We have a number of items like Organic Black Seed Detox Bitters, and Muntu's Cider Vinegar that will help your body heal itself by drastically improving the elimination of harmful toxins brought on by a little too much eating, while improving the assimilation of beneficial nutrients.

If you are in New York City, come by the store for some free samples. We are delighted to see you.



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